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The Benefits Of Installing Standard Aluminium Railings In Your Home

Aluminium RailingsStandard aluminium railings are far better than the traditional wooden, iron or concrete railings. Let's take a look at why Standard aluminium railings are a better option that any other material for your railings in your home.

Wooden railings are not just expensive, they are detrimental to the environment and too expensive to maintain. Iron railings can also be expensive, are very difficult to clean and require constant rust removal and painting. Initially they may look nice with all their elegant floral design but within a year, you start seeing rush stains and from there on, it's just down-hill in terms of trying to keep the iron railings clean and shiny.

Concrete railings too are expensive to install and look ugly as hell which is why you see very few people opting for concrete railings.

Now standard aluminium railings on the other hand, are light-weight, easily installed, can be powder coated, can be used in combination with other materials including glass and acrylic, and best of all, require almost no maintenance other than the occasional wipe.

If you have a porch or a balcony in your home, standard aluminium railings will add a nice level of clean sophistication to them. A standard aluminium railing has high strength-to-weight ratio and confirm or surpass all Australian standards related to aluminium railings.

Standard aluminium railings have an edge over wood, iron, concrete or other railing systems. Standard aluminium railings will not rot, rust, discolour or be attacked by termites. Nor do they shrink (vinyl railings shrink). Also, the powder coated paint will last a life-time requiring no further paint application so you have zero maintenance cost.

You can use standard aluminium railings for your decks, handrails, stairs, pool enclosures, fences, private fencing and of course, gates. Standard aluminium railings can also be customised to fit just about anything in your home. You can add them to provide hand support especially if you have senior citizen living at home.

Not only are Standard Aluminium Balustrades a great product, but companies such as Trimlite ( ) are well known for designing and manufacturing innovative maintenance standard aluminium railings for use in all of Australia. They also offer customisation and installation of Standard aluminium railings in all of Sydney and their through their branches in Australia. They also offer a wide range of powder coated colour options.

Trimlite is a well known name in Australia and they have been designing, manufacturing and installing Cheap Aluminium Pool Fencing for past several years. They ensure that all ordered material arrives at your construction site on time and usually within a day or two of placing orders. You will not be disappointed with their products or services.

So if you’re looking to add a balcony or staircase or renovate or add any kind of railing, standard aluminium railings are a great product to use and the best place to buy them from is Trimlite -

Post by Trimlite (2017-10-10 07:35)

Tags: Aluminium Railings Aluminium Fencing

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Stylish And Functional Aluminium Railings System For External And Internal Areas

Aluminium Railings SystemYou could either be constructing a new home or renovating your existing home. In either case, you should consider adding stylish and functional aluminium railing systems for all your external and internal areas.

Every residential and commercial project be it a home or building will usually require external or internal aluminium railing system. So why settle for the ordinary – especially when for more or less the same price, you can obtain very stylish and functional aluminium railing systems?

Most residential and commercial projects require stairways, ramps and often balconies too. These parts of the project will require a safety mechanism to prevent accidents and also to fulfil construction safety codes. You could either opt for expensive concrete or iron railings (old fashioned) or, opt for stylish , functional light-weight aluminium railing systems.

Aluminium railing systems not only look good and add a sophisticated, high-class look to your project, they also meet all federal, state, and local safety codes.

Trimlite ( ) located in Sydney Australia not only offer several advantageous and unique features to their aluminium railing systems, you will find them more competitive than all other suppliers of aluminium railings.

Don't even think of wood as the ultimate railing material - the high maintenance cost of wood railing coupled with problems associated with warping, rotting and splitting can be a real drain on your resources. Also, light-weight aluminium railing system makes installation a quick and easy process allowing you to enjoy your beautiful home or commercial building much sooner and with no headaches.

You can also get your order customised to match your requirement. Ideally you should have your own CAD (engineering) design ready but even if you don't, their engineers will do it for you. Also Trimlite has a wide range of latest options you can select from to make your project totally unique. Every customisation order is manufactured to customer's exact specifications, ensuring a 100% perfect fit.

Stylish and functional aluminium railing systems for all your external and internal areas supplied by Trimlite are designed to require minimum on-site fabrication. This makes installation a quick and simple process.

Stylish and functional aluminium railing systems for all your external and internal areas are easily maintained – all that is required is a once-a-week wipe with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth wipe. This ensures the railing system stays good-as-new for years to come. No painting required. If you required, Trimlite can also powder coat the aluminium railing with your specified colour. Aluminium Balustrades will stay beautiful even after years of intense use and even environmental abuse.

For more information please visit or their showroom and retail outlet at Sydney, Australia. They also Provide Fencing Central Coast across Australia.

Post by Trimlite (2017-08-31 07:58)

Tags: Glass Fencing Central Coast Aluminium Fencing

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Add Value To Your Domestic or Commercial Scenario Installing Glass Balcony Railings

Glass Balcony RailingsThere is something neat and clean about having a glass balcony added to your domestic or commercial building. It creates a whole new look to any business or home. At Trimlite we design, fabricate, supply and install glass railing and glass balconies for any home or business.

The beauty of a glass balcony is that it is easy to maintain i.e. wipe clean. The glass can be free-standing supported on hidden struts or can be with stainless steel supports. Either way it is beautiful in comparison to say wrought iron or concrete balconies and definitely far cheaper to purchase, install and maintain in comparison to wood – even faux wood.

Trimlite can use Aluminium or stainless steel supports or struts and combine these with a wide range in types of Vinyl or glass or combinations of both. Glazed, engraved, coloured, and even bullet proof glass is available. You name it, they have it.

A glass balcony is easy and quick to install and requires virtually no maintenance. No more regular painting or polishing or expensive repair required. A glass balcony affords a truly unique clean feel and distinctive image. A glass balcony has an amazing effect on guests especially in a high-rise building. Imagine standing near the glass and looking down at the town or city. It suddenly offers a whole new prospective. A glass balcony brings the outside World in and you see what you've been missing with other types of railings - the view is yours to enjoy!

In addition to glass balcony for domestic or commercial buildings, Trimlite also offers glass windscreens, steel cable railing systems and picket railing systems. All of these are maintenance free and made from the same materials as the Aluminium Balustrading systems. Some of the products that they offer and related to balconies include:

1. Glass Railing Systems
2. Railing Glass
3. Picket Railing Systems
4. Glass Windscreens
5. Steel Cable Systems

Imagine a glass railing instead of the current wooden railing all around the patio or deck. The garden suddenly becomes visible. As you sit and relax on the easy-chair, you begin to notice the flowering bush, the birds and butterflies that constantly hover above the flowers – things that were until now blocked from view by the Sydney Fences.

Yes, you can easily transform your existing deck or patio into a maintenance free comfortable, living space that is perfect for just kicking back and relaxing or entertaining your guests. And all this can be done at a fraction of the cost of a conventional wood.

Endless design styles or even custom styles make your dream home or architectural design come true. Choose from any combination of steel, aluminium and glass and each of these in turn with numerous choices. More information here:

Post by Trimlite (2017-07-10 07:48)

Tags: Glass Pool Fencing Sydney Garden Fencing

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Garden Fences - Best Outdoor Privacy Screening Solution

Garden FencesIn local locations, there are a couple of alternatives to introduce some Flair in your yard. Utilizing privacy screens is one of the choices. They can separate a space, include some fascinating visual segments, and manufacture your own private resort, even in populated regions.

privacy screens can convey a dynamic component to your yard, blocking things that you don't need insight, or keeping others from seeing into your space. Screens are a plan decision, as well as be useful in their utilization.

From the conventional wooden cross section and wooden brace configuration, to more innovative and out of the container thoughts, there are a large number of motivations to pick security screens for your private home.

What are a few things you have to consider when settling on a privacy screen?


1. Increased security – The intrusive neighbors and odd bystanders will have a substantially harder time seeing your very own goings-on.

2. Shade – On a hot summer's day, it is constantly pleasant to discover a touch of shade, and when the sun is pounding on your porch, once in a while you need to convey the shade to you. A security screen can offer this truly necessary break from the warmth of direct daylight.

3. Hiding blemishes – Sometimes there are things we have to keep outside and they are not generally tastefully satisfying. Things like aerating and cooling units and water pumps can truly occupy from your yard's landscape. Protection screens are a decent method for separating and keeping things like this beyond anyone's ability to see.

4. Attractive – The correct screen can truly highlight your yard, making it a genuine sight to be seen.


1. Sightlines – If you jump at the chance to watch out over your neighborhood, security Glass Pool Fencing Sydney may not be for you. They can square sight lines and prevent the view.

2. Space – Depending on the screen, the measure of your yard can be chopped around protection screens. There are alternatives that are effortlessly convenient and can be brought down, yet that turns into an issue of capacity. At that point, you should consider where you keep them when they are not being used, and what transpires when they are out in nasty climate.

3. Maintenance – Depending on which choice you pick protection screens can be cleaned just with a garden hose. Despite the fact that, as you move into different sorts of screens, for example, wooden cross section and hanging garden assortments, repair, cleaning, and upkeep can turn into somewhat of an errand.

The materials utilized as a part of security screen rely on upon the search you are going for and in addition your financial plan. There are various pre-built screens that can be found at almost any garden supply store. Most security Cheap Fencing is made of wooden grid or braces; however, they can be produced using almost anything.

Metal boards, pre-developed vinyl, fabric shades, living plants, or glass sheets are only a couple of the conceivable outcomes. The vast majority of these choices may require some type of wooden casing to hang the materials from, so wood is your companion here.

Post by Trimlite (2017-05-02 07:27)

Tags: Window Louvres Front Garden Fences

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Glass Balcony Balustrades Are A Stylish Solution For The Modern Home

Glass Balcony BalustradesTrimlite: Modern and Quality Glass Decorations that will Turn Heads!

Who doesn’t want an astonishing home with amazing decorations? They say home is where the heart is. With Trimlite’s Glass Balustrade and Fencing techniques, you will definitely have the perfect house you always dreamt of and which you’ll fall in love with forever.

Trimlite offers quality glass systems that are suitable for things such as pools, houses, floors, and verandas. With the contemporary movement for glass to widen the view and wind splits and alluring aesthetics, their main goal is to please their clients.

Clients will have a design of glass outweighing aluminum, in order to take advantage of the view surrounding. Trimglass as well, eradicated the want for a bottom bar which has frequently been used. This decreases sanitary dirt build up on the banister as well as removes the base hold that lets children climb on and as a result forbids any further issues and emergencies.

This special recent balustrade technique has been intended purposely to adjoin worth to your household or profitable setting. The one-of-a-kind modular scheme tenders suppleness hardly ever depicted in any other Glass Balcony Fencing. With the capability to regulate Trimglass on the spot, you get rid of the probable pricey holdups shaped by gauging and producing faults valid to further systems.

The team at Trimglass combines their years of expertise with their design background and good taste. They work with the client to understand his or her visualizations of their glass designs. They make sure to meet their needs and also give some tips and ideas into what suits their specific location mostly.

Trimglass’ focal point is to supply its customers with elevated excellence, short repairs inventions. Trimglass will treat their customers with the highest admiration and they offer the “On time or complimentary assurance,” which means that they always try their best to serve their customers with loyalty and assurance. Trimglass pledges their customers quality and budget prices. They target each and every person in the area and their main goals and aims is to serve everyone and work for all in order to please them and offer them the best services and designs.

Trimglass has become one of the most reputable and counted on companies in Australia when it comes to services such as Cheap Front Garden Fences and balustrade. They value and respect their clients’ time and necessities and guarantee them with ultimate work and results done on time. The skillful team combines expertise with quality services for the most excellent and finest results that would combine superiority with modernity.

Post by Trimlite (2017-03-17 05:02)

Tags: Aluminium Fencing Aluminium Balustrading

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Aluminium Pool Fencing That Completely Shields Your Swimming Area

Aluminium Pool FencingTrimlite: The Best Aluminum Pool Fence at your Request

Who doesn’t want the best pool fence at their house? Whether it’s at your home or anywhere else, Trimlite offers the ultimate pool fencing services with its team of trusted professionals. With years of experience, Trimlite has become one of the most reputable fencing companies in Australia.

At Trimlite fencing, you will have the opportunity to get outstanding quality services with budget prices that suits the customer’s necessities and needs.


Trimlite fencing assures their clients with quality Aluminum products. Say goodbye to the cheap non-quality pool barriers, because with Trimlite, customers will get superiority pool fences that will last for years and years and maybe a lifetime!

High Customer Services

Trimlite cares foremost about their customers’ satisfaction. As a result, they guarantee their clients with perfect final results that meet their expectations. They also provide high customer care by working on providing their clients’ necessities. The team at Trimlite is always there to help and listen to their customers’ requirements.


The team at Trimlite have decades of experience in the fencing area. As a result, they not only deliver fence installing services, but also make sure to offer gorgeous techniques and designs that catch people’s eyes and beautify the whole pool area.


One of the most important key elements Trimlite abides is to please all their customers. Aside from delivering quality work, they provide budget services that meet all their customers’ capabilities. This has helped boost the company’s reputation and customer approval.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are one of the vital points people look at when hiring a fencing pool company. With Trimlite, safety and security are guaranteed aspects. The professional team work upon providing their customers with a lifetime safety that prevents any future issues and dangers due to their quality Aluminum pool fencing.

Easy to Deal With

Another important benefit of Trimlite Aluminum Glass Pool Fencing Central Coast is that they are easy to use and gauge, they are simple to scrape and some objects can be effortlessly delivered to the location without the requirement to assemble. Additionally, they use uncomplicated and guaranteed methods to fixing and repairing the fence.

If you are willing to repair your pool’s fence, or have a quality and affordable pool fence, then Trimlite Glass Balcony Fencing Central Coast is the ultimate choice. They offer quality aluminum products that provide safety and guarantee security and lifetime results. Their number one priority is their customer service and they have succeeded in gaining clients’ satisfaction and trust.

Post by Trimlite (2017-03-06 08:07)

Tags: Aluminum Fencing Garden Fencing

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Security And Style For Your Pool Area With Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium Pool FencingCost aside, many of you back off from putting a fence around your garden and pool areas for you are under the impression that installing fences around those places is a complicated task. Let’s get rid of these wrong notions.

Simple, clean and stylish fencing enhances the aesthetics of your garden and pool areas. Is that all? No way, there’s much beyond that! Aluminium pool and garden fencing also adds to the security of your home; more so if there are pets and toddlers residing in the property.

Garden and pool area fencings must last long. That’s quite a bit of a challenge. For, forces of Nature spare none. Aluminium that way, qualifies to be the best. It’s rust free; strong, light and therefore, easy on transportation. Its durability makes it easy to install.

Aluminium pool fencings are available as pre-made panels that attach to fence posts also made from aluminium. These posts are either installed directly in the ground or attaches to a base that stays above the ground. They are always clean and simple in appearance; both of the varieties, whether Flat Top or Loop Top. However, you must always opt for the certified and approved standards; that reinforces the safety factors around your garden and pool areas even more.

Apart from the security and style factors, aluminium pool fencing shall impart a clean and sophisticated look to your property. Choose from Flat Top, Picket Top and Loop Top fencing varieties, the last one also known as the ‘Double Top Rail’.

The advantages it has over steel are many. Though both of them are strong and remain rust free forever, Aluminium is way cheaper than steel and lighter too. And steel, unlike aluminium, needs to be polished from time to time if you want to retain that new look. With aluminium, plain or powder-coated, you are freed from that burden. Aluminium doesn’t corrode due to the fine layer of oxide that forms upon it (in case it’s not powder coated) and if it is, that’s a protection enough from the elements of nature. Besides, it’s 100% recyclable.

Some claim that aluminium Window Privacy Screens can be easily bent, but that really depends upon its thickness. It’s true that to ensure durability you end up using more amount of the metal for the fencing, but then also it comes lighter and cheaper than steel, which requires to be galvanized or powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion. With aluminium fencing, it’s not a must.

So, as a rule of thumb, Cheap Aluminium Pool Fencing stands as a more appropriate fencing material for domestic use for its low cost, light weight and the visual appeal it delivers. It’s easy to install and completely corrosion-free, even if used for maritime and seaside premises.

Post by Trimlite (2016-12-16 08:19)

Tags: Fencing Sydney Aluminium Louvres

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Innovative And Versatile Privacy Louvres For Your Privacy Requirements

Privacy LouvresInnovative and versatile louvres by Trimlite are not only a perfect answer to your room or house décor, they also more than surpass your privacy requirements.

Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens can perfectly match existing décor because they are available in an extremely wide range of colours. Choose a contrasting or matching colour; the choice is yours. In fact, Trimlite's low-maintenance, long-lasting aluminium louvre screens are a perfect alternative to fabric, lattice or timber privacy screens. Unlike other material, powder coated aluminium louvre screens will outlast our own life-span. The same cannot be said about timber or other material. Also, if you match beauty, durability, ease of installation and cost, then there is nothing better than Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens for your privacy requirement.

Advantages of powder coated aluminium louvre screens include:
1. They will not rot, split or twist.
2. Never ever require painting.
3. Are not used by insect to build nests.
4. Are fire resistant and so ideal for bushfire designated locations in Australia.
5. Are moisture resistant and so ideal for use in marine environment.

Trimlite's powder coated Commercial Balustrade can be fitted just about anywhere you need them to be fitted. Think windows, glass doors, over balconies, over decks etc. Being versatile, aluminium privacy louvre panels can not only be used as privacy screens they can also be used as fixed shutters, fences, infill panelling and so forth. We've seen interior designers and architects use Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens in places where we never envisioned.

Trimlite's powder coated aluminium Commercial Balustrading can be adopted to a wide variety of uses. For example you could use elliptical louvre screen systems or have fixed louvres that can be fixed vertically or horizontally. You could even have half-and-half i.e. half fixed and half openable privacy louvres.

For the technology minded folks Trimlite can add a remote controlled motor to open and close louvres. Other reasons to opt for Trimlite's powder coated aluminium privacy louvres include:

1. Ultra Low maintenance – just requires a once-a-week wipe.
2. Ultra economical to buy and super easy to install.
3. Will never fade or look dull.
4. Provides all the privacy you need.
5. Enhances curb appeal of the property.
6. Allows one directional view – inside to out.
7. Provides insulation against the sun's ultra-violet rays and keeps interiors cool.
8. If you forget to close the window during heavy rainfall, the aluminium louvres reduces exposure to rain.

Whatever be your requirement, call Trimlite today or visit them at

Post by Trimlite (2016-11-08 07:40)

Tags: Privacy Louvres Aluminium Louvres

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Enhance Home Or Project With An Exclusive A Grade Balcony Railing

Aluminium Balcony RailingsBalconies enhance the look of a house. But, how do you enhance the look of the balcony? Paint aside; attach a balcony railing rather than closing it with concrete alone.

There’s no need to explain why you should install balcony railings. But well, there’s definitely a need to explain the types. For, no two balconies are the same. When you want to enhance your home or project with an exclusive, ‘A’ grade balcony railing, you must ensure first that whatever type that you may choose, the railing material and the final fit and finish is A-grade too!

To enhance home or project with an exclusive A Grade balcony railing, A-Grade Aluminium is the most-preferred material. Fairly strong, light and with a modern look, aluminium railings are available in a variety of colours and styles. It can be combined with glass or left as it is; same with stainless steel. These are the materials that can be installed as balcony handrail on a wide variety of surfaces. Timber decks and tiled balconies also come under its jurisdiction. They score very high on both safety and appearance and offer you peace of mind in terms of maintenance. For, the highest standard in quality gives you the safety against nature and time.

Wood as balcony railing material is mostly seen in the standard 2×2 format. It’s an inexpensive option, which is both convenient and looks rustic. But, without proper maintenance, they are not going to last forever. Wood has a strong tendency to warp.

An easy alternative are composite railings. When you want to enhance your home or project with an exclusive, ‘A’ grade balcony railing to the max, composites can work wonders! Their appearance is almost similar to wood, but deformation over time is not a part of it. They are almost zero-maintenance. But higher-end composite are sometimes more expensive than wood, steel and aluminium; even glass.

A cheaper way to get the look of wood is through PVC and vinyl balcony railings. But PVC and Vinyl offer limited colours, so white is widely chosen. Vinyl railing also does not deform; doesn’t need repainting and resealing. But, they should be cleaned regularly to preserve the clean look.

But oh! Clear Glass Pool Fences let you fully enjoy the view outside! Solid panels/railings made of tempered glass are the best but there’s a high price attached. Acrylic is cheaper. If you are located anywhere with a little bit of Nature to start your day with, glass railing framed in aluminium, vinyl or wood is your best option!

But if you wish outstanding rigidity, go for concrete railings. They are sturdy and relatively cheap and best for urban houses. Sure the design options are less, but these are long-lasting and maintenance-free.

But then again, you can make custom Pool Fencing from almost any type of material or combine them to create new! Iron and brass, in this regard, are two top choices to enhance your home or project with an exclusive, ‘A’ grade balcony railing materials.

Post by Trimlite (2016-09-28 08:36)

Tags: Aluminium Railing Glass Pool Railings

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Aluminium Railing System Perfect For Internal And External Areas

Aluminium RailingSydney based Trimlite offers aluminium railing system for internal and external areas. From balustrades and aluminium handrails for your outdoor decking to internal stairwells, balconies and room or space dividers; we can work with you to transform your space to be visually appealing and highly functional.

For internal and external areas, Trimlite offers amongst other options; colour coated aluminium railing system in three handrail styles. On these Trimlite can mount vertical baluster or toughened glass options such as Split Rail Glass, full height glass, Semi-frameless glass, Split Rail Baluster, Full Height Baluster etc. All infill glass used by Trimlite is toughened safety glass and complies with NZS 4223 Part 3 1999.

The aluminium railing system supplied and expertly fitted by Trimlite can be used for internal and external settings, such as outdoor decks, mezzanine floors, stairways, pool surrounds, pergolas and so forth. All Trimlite products are engineered and tested to comply with the NZ standards AS/NZS1170 Occupancy A, B, E & C3 and NZ Building Code.

One of the things that makes Trimlite aluminium railing systems go great is that they feature non-weld type hidden fastening system with colour matched cast aluminium end caps. The fastening system has recessed bottom rails that fix and secure the balusters to the floor via heavy-duty base plate and secure inter-locking posts that enable quick modular installation.

Trimlite aluminium railing systems are custom made to your specification and this includes your choice of finish, colour balustrade infill and fixing method. Trimlite also excels in installing Frameless Balustrades which add a beautiful total clean look that provides an amazing feeling of space besides of course, providing unhindered excess to natural light.

Trimlite can also provide aluminium railing systems with 12mm toughened safety glass mounted above the floor surface. We have a range of brackets so the Trimlite railing systems can be placed anywhere – indoors or outdoors and can especially used to fence swimming pool area to great effect. The entire railing system is modular which makes installation very quick and easy.

All Trimlite railing systems are lightweight and manufactured from corrosion proof Aluminium Pool Railings. Trimlite also offers surface finished, powder-coated (your colour choice) gate panels. Trimlite Aluminium gates for external use are custom-made with a full range of nylon or stainless steel and choice of latches.

If you need balustrades or aluminium railing systems for internal or external use, please visit Trimlite. More information including pictures of previously installed Aluminium Pool Fencing systems (internal and external), is available here:

Post by Trimlite (2016-09-13 07:03)

Tags: Aluminium Louvres Aluminium Balustrades & Fencing

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